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Collaborative Construction Management

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Building Your Vision

Our MVP’s are our projects, and our commitment to their success means dedicated involvement starting from actively participating in concept and design development, budgeting and scheduling phases

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Stomping Ground

As a company we do Construction Management, as a team we build collaboration

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Nurturing Your Space

1 Folding table, 2 Picnic chairs, 2 Laptops, 1 Phone, 1 Printer. The office supply list was short when Vestacon’s journey to bring back integrity and collaboration to construction management started out

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Charging Ahead

The LEED certified and ARIDO award winning project for Capital One was a challenge in
coordination and communication with various stakeholders
throughout North America. The success of this challenge lead to a
smooth pre-construction and construction process

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Community and Culture

Vestacon is involved in building support in communities where we live and work by supporting various charities

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