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Meet Team Vestacon. With our various backgrounds and experiences, we can provide opportunities to share and learn from each other. Our collaborative approach influences our company culture and ultimately how we manage projects. The commitment we have for our team colours our dedication to the work, on both a small and large scale and ultimately leads to successful partnerships and excellent end-results.  

Our Partners

Daniel_Passera_3.jpg Daniel_Passera_Caricature.jpg

Daniel Passera

President, Principal
416 440 7970 x2801

Daniel has been in the construction industry for over 35 years. A carpenter by trade, Daniel utilized his extensive construction knowledge to build a multi-million dollar construction management firm, Vestacon Limited. Daniel is passionate about achieving results and helping clients fulfill visions of their ideal office space through analyzing their concerns and objectives. His practical experience and continued involvement form strategies to deliver projects successfully and with confidence.

Sam_Falzone_02.jpg Sam_Falzone_Caricature.jpg

Sam Falzone

Vice President, Principal
416 440 7970 x2808

Sam has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years. Since graduating from Ryerson in 1991, Sam has acquired extensive site and construction management experience. His strengths include acute attention to detail, analytical tender drawing review as well as accurate budgeting and project scheduling. Sam introduces an innovative approach to each project he undertakes and routinely finishes projects on time and on budget.

Jamie_Oldfield_2_1.jpg Jamie_Oldfield_Caricature.jpg

Jamie Oldfield

416 440 7970 x2815

Jamie works with the best interests of Clients in mind to ensure expectations for every Vestacon undertaking are exceeded with projects completed both on time and within budget. With broad experience in many aspects of the construction building industry, Jamie has gained valuable on-site experience and business experience by completing his carpenters apprenticeship and working on various types of projects including airports, new construction build outs as well as occupied and phased renovations projects.

Toronto Team

Aana_Sharma.jpg Aana_Sharma_Caricature.jpg

Aana Sharma

Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2839
Al_Tomasone.jpg Al_Tomasone_Caricature.jpg

Al Tomasone

416 440 7970 x2833
Boris_Komnenovic.jpg Boris_Komnenovic_Caricature.jpg

Boris Komnenovic

Health & Safety Coordinator
Brandon_Alisch_1.jpg Brandon_Alisch_Caricature.jpg

Brandon Alisch

Senior Project Manager
416 440 7970 x2827
Breanne_Cullens.jpg Breanne_Cullens_Caricature.jpg

Breanne Cullens

Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2822
Carina_Lasalandra.jpg Carina_Lasalandra_caricatures.jpg

Carina Lasalandra

Health & Safety Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2835
Daniel_McDonnell.jpg Daniel_McDonnell_Caricature.jpg

Daniel McDonnell

Project Manager, Customer Care
416 440 7970 x2837

David Barnes

Vice President Business Development
416 440 7970
Dennis_Welfle.jpg Dennis_Welfle_Caricature.jpg

Dennis Welfle

Chief Estimator
416 440 7970 x2813
Emily_Varg_1.jpg Emily_Varg_Caricature.jpg

Emily Varg

Marketing & Communications
416 440 7970 x2810
Hooman_Emami_2.jpg Hooman_Emami_Caricature.jpg

Hooman Emami

Senior Project Manager
416 440 7970 x2824
Jack_Wu.jpg Jack_Wu_Caricature.jpg

Jack Wu

Senior Estimator
416 440 7970 x2821
Jaspreet_Popli.jpg Jaspreet_Popli_Caricature.jpg

Jaspreet Popli

VP Operations & Project Management
416 440 7970 x1633
Johnathon_Passera_1.jpg Johnathon_Passera_Caricature.jpg

Johnathon Passera

Project Manager, Health & Safety Representative
416 440 7970 x2804
Julie_Zabizewski.jpg Julie_Zabizewski_Caricature.jpg

Julie Zabizewski

Project Manager, Health & Safety Manager
416 440 7970 x2802
Katrina_Klemmer.jpg Katrina_Klemmer_Caricature.jpg

Katrina Klemmer

Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2809
Kim_Van_Leeuwen_1.jpg Kim_Van_Leeuwen_Caricature.jpg

Kim Van Leeuwen

Business Development Manager
416 440 7970 x1011
Krystal_Tucci.jpg Krystal_Tucci_Caricature.jpg

Krystal Tucci

Senior Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2816
Labiba_Bakht.jpg Labiba_Bakht_Caricature.jpg

Labiba Bakht

Project Manager
416 440 7970 x2806
Manpreet_Kaur.jpg Manpreet_Kaur_Caricature.jpg

Manpreet Kaur

Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2836
Michael_OConnell.jpg Michael_OConnell_Caricature.jpg

Michael O’Connell

Senior Project Manager
416 440 7970 x2818
Natasha_Campos.jpg Natasha_Campos_Caricature.jpg

Natasha Campos

Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2840
Nina_Falzone.jpg Nina_Falzone_Caricature.jpg

Nina Horowitz

Chief Financial Officer
416 440 7970 x2817
Niusha_Sharifi_1.jpg Niusha_Sharifi_Caricature.jpg

Niusha Sharifi

Senior Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2833
Paolo_Di_Zazzo.jpg Paolo_Di_Zazzo_Caricature.jpg

Paolo DiZazzo

Vice President Healthcare Division
416 440 7970x2834
Perry_Mancini.jpg Perry_Mancini_Caricature.jpg

Perry Mancini

Senior Project Manager
416 440 7970 x2831
Rachel_DeChamplain.jpg Rachel_DeChamplain_Caricature.jpg

Rachel DeChamplain

Office Administrator
416 440 7970 x2803
Sonia_Konarzewska.jpg Sonia_Konarzewska_Caricature.jpg

Sonia Konarzewska

Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2820
Tom_Gallagher.png Tom_Gallagher_Caricature.png

Tom Gallagher

Project Coordinator
416 440 7970 x2830
Vincent_Cristiano.jpg Vincent_Cristiano_Caricature.jpg

Vincent Cristiano

Project Manager, Customer Care
416 400 7970 x2819

Site Personnel Toronto

Adriano_Passera.jpg Adriano_Passera_Caricature.jpg

Adriano Passera

Site Supervisor
Amin_Rangwala.jpg Amin_Rangwala_Caricature.jpg

Amin Rangwala

Site Supervisor
Brad_Noakes.jpg Brad_Noakes_Caricature.jpg

Brad Noakes

Site Supervisor
Brian_Dabarno.jpg Brian_Dabarno_Caricature.jpg

Brian Dabarno

Site Supervisor
Corey_Sebesta.png Corey_Sebesta_Caricature.png

Corey Sebesta

Site Supervisor

Dominik Magdziak

Site Supervisor
Gareth_Eprile.jpg Gareth_Eprile_Caricature.jpg

Gareth Eprile

Senior Site Supervisor
Glen_Anderson.jpg Glen_Anderson_Caricature.jpg

Glen Anderson

Senior Site Supervisor
Ian_Duncan.jpg Ian_Duncan_Caricature.jpg

Ian Duncan

Senior Site Supervisor
Jaime_Chavez.jpg Jaime_Chavez_Caricature.jpg

Jaime Chavez

Site Supervisor
Jamie_DiRenzo_1.jpg Jamie_DiRenzo_Caricature.jpg

Jamie DiRenzo

Senior Site Supervisor
Jay_Routledge.jpg Jay_Routledge_Caricature.jpg

Jay Routledge

Site Supervisor
Jethro_Luyimbazi.jpg Jethro_Luyimbazi_Caricature.jpg

Jethro Luyimbazi

Site Supervisor
John_Dacunha.jpg John_Dacunha_Caricature.jpg

John Dacunha

Site Supervisor
Juan_Restrepo_1.jpg Juan_Restrepo_Caricatures.jpg

Juan Restrepo

Site Assistant
Livio_Burcul.jpg Livio_Burcul_Caricature.jpg

Livio Burcul

Site Supervisor

Mohammad Karimi

Site Supervisor
Stan_Pajnic.jpg Stan_Pajnic_Caricature.jpg

Stan Pajnic

Site Manager
Tom_Anshan_1.jpg Tom_Anshan_Caricature.jpg

Tom Anshan

Senior Site Supervisor
Victor_Lee_1.jpg Victor_Lee_Caricature.jpg

Victor Lee

Site Supervisor

Vancouver Team

Alexis_Prokopuik_1.jpg Alexis_Prokopuik_Carivature.jpg

Alexis Prokopuik

Project Coordinator
604 248 5191 x101
Grant_Morrow.jpg Grant_Morrow_Caricature.jpg

Grant Morrow

Project Manager
604 248 5191 x102

Site Personnel Vancouver


Jeffrey Pasechnik

Site Supervisor

Matthew Cronan

Site Supervisor