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Vestacon V - A Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to Vestacon V - A quarterly newsletter

In our first newsletter, we guide you through some of our latest completed projects in Ontario and British Columbia, we look at how construction management site protocols are changing during COVID-19, provide the first edition of our industry insight and share some great news from our head office in Toronto. 

A Message From Our Partners

We are excited to share Vestacon's first newsletter, where we invite you to join us on the journey of some of our projects, to read about industry insights and other news relevant to our industry. At Vestacon, being at the forefront of collaborative construction management has always been a priority and we see a greater need for it now more than ever. In May we shared our COVID-19 Site Protocol White paper, a document you also will find downloadable in this newsletter.

As we move forward, we will face many challenges, but we believe that as an industry we can get over this hurdle together and come out stronger and wiser. In other news at Vestacon we are excited to share that Jaspreet Popli has been promoted to Vice President of Operations and Project Management. Jaspreet has been an integral part of our team since 2018 and is well respected within and outside our organization. 
Thank you and stay safe.
Daniel Passera, Sam Falzone and Jamie Oldfield



Enter A World of Sunshine

If you are anything like us, you are happy to see spring unfold with warmer, longer, and sunnier days. At Vestacon, we had sunshine sooner than most. In February 2020, Vestacon finalized construction for Sun Life in Waterloo, a 70,000 square foot space that was under construction for 26 weeks. Vestacon, alongside the client, the consulting team at WalterFedy, and other consultants started the project late summer of 2019. Since then over 7,000 sheets of drywall were successfully installed and the space received features such as a reception area, cafeteria, open office workspace, meeting rooms, and much more. One unique feature of the project was in the collaboration corridor where custom millwork paneling and ceiling suspended clouds were installed to creatively represent the companies iconic sunburst emblem.

Read more about Sun Life  and other projects



Vestacon White paper on COVID-19 Site Protocol

The construction industry is settling into a "new normal" of enhanced site safety measures, disrupted supply chains, and the unknown of what returning to work will look like. While the pandemic has certainly elevated everyone's stress level, our present circumstances are forcing the industry to make quick adaptions as it rethinks attitudes and practices that were considered "normal" mere weeks ago. Our team has developed a new white paper on what the future holds when we get our construction projects underway. We have looked at three different scenarios in our industry which include Physical, Cost, and Time Impact. Our research has been developed in conjunction with our Health & Safety consultants, sub-trades and new policies and procedures set out by the Government of Ontario.

Read the White paper



Vestacon in Vancouver: Find Your Desk Among the Trees

This 7,000 square foot space for BCI Office TI in Vancouver involved combining improvement work with landlord requested mechanical and electrical separation, a task that required Vestacon to coordinate with precision with different stakeholders. This light-filled and colourful design by Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning gives life to the space, and with leafy and green wall graphic features BCI Office TI also has an "outdoorsy" feel to it. 

Read more about BCI Office TI and other Vancouver projects



Top 5 Things to Consider When Starting a Project

What goes into getting your construction project off the ground? And what are some of the most important things to pay attention to when you secure a new space? Vestacon shares our experience in this Industry Insight: Edition 1. Learn more about what you and your General Contractor/Construction Manager require at the start of the project and which key elements are essential for successful project results. 

Contact us to get your copy of the Industry Insight: Edition 1 and for more information on how Vestacon can help you get your project off the ground and in the right direction. 

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