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Vestacon White paper COVID-19 Impacts to Construction

Ominous news headlines, alarming statistics, and the collective emotions which palpably fluctuate daily between extremes of fear to hope are the proverbial “new normal”. Six months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly clear that things may never go back to exactly what they were in the good ol’ days of 2019. One thing however is certain, people are resilient; from catastrophe comes innovation and with it, new opportunities to thrive.

We see it as we observe first hand in our industry the staggering strides leaders in real estate, design, and furniture manufacturing have made in the race to find and develop solutions to enable and entice people to come back to work safely.  For us as Construction Managers who build office space for a living, we join the countless other businesses with high stakes in this race. What we have seen and experienced so far leads us to believe that while it won’t be easy, the construction industry will not only survive but will play a key role in supporting the efforts of the innovators by implementing many of the solutions that they develop.

At Vestacon we strive to be part of the solution and can meaningfully do so by offering a range of services related to COVID-19 building preparedness through our new division, VestaCare. We invite you to read our latest white paper sharing our insights on the evolving COVID-19 impacts to construction as well as to learn about VestaCare and how we can help businesses welcome their people back to the office safely.

Please contact for your PDF copy of this White paper