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Our Work

Since 2008, Vestacon has been part of projects of all sizes, shapes and budgets. We know that the ultimate office space requires great collaboration, communication and coherence. From ground-ups to stair infills, before, during and after project closure, our work goes all the way. We welcome you to learn more about us. The journey to your dream office starts here.

As Construction Managers, we are introduced during design development to oversee all facets of the construction and pre-construction phases to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Alongside the client and design team, we study the design intent in order to assess constructability in relation to the budget and schedule. We invest in the foundation of every project, the design development phase, because it is the pivotal juncture where the ability for project success is determined. For consistency on all projects we utilize a streamlined tracking methodology to help keep the entire project delivery team updated for project duration in an effort to promote a collaborative environment.



Since 2008, our approach, which centers on a foundation of collaboration and transparency, has earned us an accomplished reputation resulting in solid relationships with clients, design firms, project management companies and sub-trades alike. Our mission is to be at the forefront of the Construction Management industry, to foster and inspire a unified team approach in order to provide innovative solutions suited for unique projects with varying budgets and scopes.

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Our MVP’s are our projects, and our commitment to their success means dedicated involvement starting from actively participating in concept and design development, budgeting and scheduling phases

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Commitment to the vision is just as important as building a communicative and collaborative environment around the project. Involving us during the design phase gives us the opportunity to flag long lead items and pre-order materials to ensure project success. This all before we’ve tied our steel toe boots! Our portfolio is proof we have been part of many dream teams, ultimately reaching a vision together and with tremendous result!

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Client List

From local to international clients, all projects are dream projects with great communication, collaboration and processes.

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We are proud to partner with a variety of successful companies in various fields to deliver visions for spaces in which they thrive. For construction management jobs, we offer a 5 year warranty, that is how confident we are in the quality of our services and product.

Site Safety

High safety awareness on site is demanded from all of our employees as well as subcontractors and visitors. Procedures, policies and training are utilized to assist our Site Supervisors in order to maintain a safe working environment. Strong emphasis is placed on safety education and efforts to monitor all construction activities. We work with Barantas Inc., an independent safety consultant, to ensure all Site Supervisors update their safety training as required as well as to audit safety practices and procedures on our job sites. To date, we have an accident-free record on our job sites and we work hard to maintain that status.

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