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ERCO Worldwide

Location: 5050 Satellite Drive, Floors 5 and (partial) 6

Relocating an office brings an opportunity for big change and a fresh start. For ERCO, creating an environment to help nurture engagement and innovation, was the goal when planning the move to their new space in Mississauga

Welcome to ERCO Worldwide, where the sun floods in making the space like a greenhouse for cultivating human innovation. Aside from the abundance of natural light which, through strategic design is allowed to filter into the space, the goal of the new ERCO office was to provide a place that would inherently inspire and enable teamwork, to increase productivity and grow engagement among their staff. Relocating from their previous office in Etobicoke, ERCO built a space that would assist them in their mission to attract and retain top talent.

  • Client ERCO Worldwide
  • Size 36,000
  • Sector Professional Services
  • Designed By Figure3
  • Project Manager Devencore
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As the building was still under construction when we were on-site, we were able to work in tandem with base building contractor, strategically utilizing the landlord-provided lighting layout to save on rework costs. Furthermore, we worked effectively with the project team and the base building crew to minimize project impact resulting from the ongoing (base building) work which caused flooding within the mechanical room on several occasions.

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Project Features

  • New reception and lounge-style waiting area
  • Executive boardrooms
  • Collaboration/huddle spaces with Muraflex office fronts (from Montreal)
  • Large cafeteria space for in-house catering
  • Sensitive main data and crisis recovery room
  • Functional ancillary spaces including communal coat storage areas and copy rooms
  • Raised floor
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"ERCO wanted their new office space to attract the best and brightest new generation of talent. It was also important for the space to encourage the sharing of ideas, to help foster relationships, and to be a workplace they could be proud of to welcome clients into."

Figure3, featured in Office Lovin'