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Huawei Technologies

Location: 4321 Still Creek Drive, Floor 5, Burnaby

Qualified guidance leads to success. By thoroughly understanding our clients needs, we can guide them through the steps necessary to achieve their goals

A build-out is an opportunity to transform existing space to something great, whilst expanding it. For Huawei Technologies in Burnaby, it meant that we could bring the 10,000 square foot space back to base building condition, and transform all ceiling and floor finishes. A combination of feature ceiling systems: wood, acoustical fins, floating drywall and exposed decks are features that stands out

  • Client Huawei Technologies
  • Size 10,000 sq ft
  • Sector Technology
  • Designed By HDR
  • Project Manager CBRE
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Vestacon assisted in the design of a lab which will be built under a different project.

Project Features

  • Combination of feature ceiling systems (wood, acoustical fins, floating drywall, exposed decks)
  • Custom graphics
  • Window film systems
  • Open office concept
  • Audio Visual
  • Installation of rooftop equipment