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Sun Life

Location: 600 Weber Street N, Waterloo

After 26 weeks of construction Sun Life’s newest home to their staff in Waterloo is complete. Vestacon, alongside the client and design team led by prime consultant WalterFedy kicked-off this exciting project in the fall of 2019

Guests and staff alike are now warmly greeted as they enter a large yet welcoming reception area with custom millwork desk and wood feature wall as the focal points to draw them in. Within this airy entry space, the extraordinarily high open ceilings washed in white are accented by simple yet elegant light fixtures and a composition of suspended drywall ceiling features subtly mimicking clouds floating overhead above the waiting area. The suspended cloud theme repeated in other specialty areas throughout the office is a creative compliment to the company’s sunburst logo, also represented in millwork features and through the strategic placement of yellow accents. Inside, as you follow the polished concrete main path of travel the rest of the facility gives way to more traditional open-concept office space with carpet and acoustic ceilings broken up by numerous well-equipped meeting, conference and training rooms of varying sizes. The large cafeteria, known as the Work Cafe, offers a self-serve marketplace as well as ample space and a number of amenities for staff to enjoy lunch on-site with seating options in a variety of settings also conducive to impromptu collaboration. Collaboration is inherently supported and encouraged through the provision of numerous purposefully planned open gathering spaces equipped with an assortment of seating options and layouts, placed in corridors, outside of meeting and training rooms and the cafeteria as well as tucked into nooks surrounding the open office space

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  • Client Sun Life
  • Size 70,000
  • Sector Financial
  • Designed By WalterFedy
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Coordination with the various departments on a project requires excellent communication skills to avoid delays and ensure correct information reaches the right person.

Project Features

  • Custom millwork wall panels and signage
  • Historical/Archival graphic walls
  • Vectorized Map of Waterloo wall feature
  • More ceiling clouds, and Secure Speedgate turnstile entry
  • Open office workspaces
  • Training rooms
  • 2-4 person collaboration rooms
  • An 18-person video-conferencing rooms
  • 4-14 person meeting rooms
  • An integrative Agile Project Delivery space with fully movable furniture and extensive technological infrastructure in place so that the layout can be easily adjusted/changed
  • Collaboration Corridor featuring MDF/GWB ceiling “clouds” and custom sunburst millwork.
  • 2,750 sq. ft. marketplace area featuring custom kitchen millwork and food-services integration.
    • An additional 1000 + sq. ft. of café space featuring custom kitchen millwork and bold graphic LVT flooring.
  • 550 sq. ft. of food prep space and new kitchen equipment.
  • +23’ open ceilings and other feature ceilings including:
    • Suspended MDF/GWB cloud,
    • Ezoboard acoustic panel suspended ceiling.
  • 2,700 sq. ft. technologically integrated event space featuring 13 ½’ fully motorized operable partitions.

Several custom wayfinding sign blocks suspended from the ceilings to guide employees and visitors through the space