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Site Safety

We are a team of professionals committed to protecting and mitigating any potential health and safety threats that could present negative impacts on workers and project construction.

Our goal for all projects is zero incidents causing harm to the health and safety of personnel on-site. High safety awareness is demanded from all our employees as well as sub-contractors. Vestacon works closely alongside our safety consultants Oneeva Solutions Ltd. (BC) and Barantas Inc. (ONT) to ensure policies and procedures, as outlined in our safety manual, are maintained, and adhered to across all our project sites. Our 3rd party auditors servicing job-sites in Ontario and British Columbia are engaged on a regular basis to conduct random site inspections and to verify the full implementation of our health and safety program.

A strong emphasis is placed on safety education, typically contracted through our 3rd party auditors, and efforts to monitor all construction activities as follows: 

  • ToolBox Talks & Job Hazard Assessments: Weekly, the Site Supervisor gathers with sub-trades on-site to discuss health and safety topics relevant to site conditions. Site personnel is made aware of issues and solutions are implemented as necessary.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy: We have a tier safety system allowing a worker under violation to be warned verbally on one occasion. If a second offense occurs, we will remove the worker from the job site and replace them immediately with another worker with no financial penalty to the Client or impact on the schedule. We have a zero-tolerance policy for the consumption of alcohol, drugs, horseplay, or stealing on the job site. 
  • Hazard Analysis & Fall Arrest: Additional attention is warranted for construction activities involving any hazardous materials, coordination, or greater risk. Our Site Supervisor will review work with the divisional subcontractor prior to commencement to discuss any additional safety procedures that must be put in place.
  • Ongoing Training: All site staff attend sessions, seminars, and certification courses including but not limited to CPR, fall arrest, and accident prevention.
  • Scheduled & Unscheduled Safety Inspections: Once on-site, we will commence an inspection regime with informal daily site inspections completed by the Site Supervisor. The purpose of an inspection is to identify conditions and hazards in the workplace that can lead to an incident and correct them immediately.
  • Job Site Cleanliness: A safe site is a clean site. When planning and executing construction activities, we highlight the importance of job site cleanliness. We ensure housekeeping practices are implemented and monitored daily through formal and informal inspection processes.
  • Worker Orientation: For tradespeople, a worker orientation meeting prior to construction start outlines site-specific procedures for construction duration. Once each sub-trade has completed the safety orientation, they are given a sticker to adhere to their hard hat. This way, our personnel quickly identify trades who have not yet received the orientation. The emergency plan is reviewed as well as base building regulations.
  • COVID-19: Vestacon, Barantas Inc., and Oneeva Solutions Ltd. have developed COVID-19 Site Protocols that are continuously updated in line with official Government health guidelines and by-laws. All site staff has received training on how to prevent and report potential risks, and our sites are monitored regularly alongside representatives from Oneeva Solutions Ltd. We have also implemented a QR code which serves as a screening tool upon entry to project sites, wherein real-time workers address screening questions and temperature checks to ensure they enter job sites in good health. This tool connects with an online database where we can track and store all COVID-19 screening questionnaire responses.


  • All trades working on the site are jointly responsible for maintaining site cleanliness
  • Materials are to be stored neatly and in such a way as not to cause any obstruction to others
  • Waste materials are to be concentrated in piles and removes from the site regularly.
  • Waste materials should be stored so that drywall, metal, and wood are placed in separate containers.
  • Any toxic materials that are left from the job such as solvents, glues, paints, etc. are to be removed from the job site by the trade which is responsible for their proper disposal. They are not to be included with general garbage
  •  Any trade failing to keep their work area clean and their materials stored properly will be asked to clean up, failure to do so will result in Vestacon doing it for them and a back charge
  • At the end of each day, sub-trades should ensure that their tools, equipment, and any other materials are put away neatly, and any debris is swept up


Vestacon’s Health & Safety Manager is Julie Zabizewski. With over ten year’s experience in construction management at Vestacon, Julie provides a broad range of health and safety support to all levels of the company. Along with two Health & Safety Coordinators, Julie monitors compliance with health and safety regulations while overseeing proactive preparation and response for compliance audits. Further, the Health & Safety team works with site and office staff on the maintenance, enhancement, coaching, training, and administration of health and safety protocols. Julie and her team collaborate with all site personnel, contractors, regulators, and office staff and provide full-spectrum support in the efforts of keeping safe worksites. They complete and maintain detailed records, logs, and checklists while ensuring compliance with federal, provincial, and municipal health and safety regulations. Julie and her team are also responsible for maintaining ContractorCheck and Complyworks requirements, completing the renewal process on an annual basis, and are the designated COR internal auditor as Vestacon is in the process of completing the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. Also, she engages Barantas Inc. and Oneeva Solutions Ltd. our 3rd party auditors, to conduct random site inspections and to verify the full implementation of our health and safety program.




To streamline the amount of on-site health and safety paperwork, and make it immediately available for all stakeholders, Vestacon uses safety software Salus. Salus is a digital safety solutions provider for the North American construction industry. Salus incorporates real-world site-level safety experience into the design of its platform, SalusPro - a web-based solution for the business level and mobile app for the field. 

With workflows that mirror how safety programs operate in the construction industry today and with the ability to manage subcontractors, assets, incidents, and compliance, Salus is at the forefront of innovation for cloud-based safety. By digitizing our forms to site specific requirements, Salus enables Vestacon’s site staff to check off health and safety details daily in less time, and update in real-time. 

League of Champions

Vestacon is a member of the League of Champions (LOC), an organization dedicated to health and safety excellence. The LOC develops industry-leading best practices and members and patrons and works to influence industry leaders to commit, collaborate, and take action to improve the safety culture. Vestacon and the LOC share the mutual goal of continued education for all staff, leading to safer workplaces for everyone. Read more about the LOC.