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To streamline the accounting and project management processes required throughout the life of any construction project, Vestacon uses robust technology software CMiC, PlanGrid and Holo Builder. Specifically developed for the construction industry, these platforms unify all aspects of a project, real-time for access and input by both office and site staff creating a reliable, transparent, and dynamic database of essential project information.

CMiC & PlanGrid

Capabilities of CMiC include:

  • Financials facilitates budget tracking, general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Project Controls monitors job costing, billings, change management and subcontractor management
  • Project Management & Collaboration enables management of all project-related communications and subcontractor activity while ensuring all stakeholders have access to the same and most current information
  • Mobile available for access at any time, anywhere, data collection is streamlined between office and field personnel

When utilizing CMiC we find that all administrative tasks essential to our projects' day-to-day activities are achieved at the highest level of transparency and accuracy thanks to the communication and collaboration the platform seamlessly enables across all levels of business. 

As a complement to the CMiC technology, Vestacon has implemented real-time integration with PlanGrid. PlanGrid is a construction productivity software that works on all tablets and smartphones and delivers real-time project information to those who need it. With this software, our site personnel can quickly log observations by using the tools in the system on any PDFs, project drawings, or photos, and share them directly with all team members. PlanGrid also allows team members to tap into any of the unlimited numbers of contract documents uploaded, punch/deficiency lists, RFI/RFQ’s and specs, right from the source drawings. All updates automatically sync for viewing on team members’ devices. PlanGrid allows users to access and download as-builts from the most up-to-date record of the project.


Holo Builder


Vestacon uses Holo Builder to document progress on our job sites. This 360°software allows us to showcase project progress to our Clients as if they were on site. By using Holo Builder we can track progress in a more reliable manner, compare from previous documentation on the go as well as directly integrate with PlanGrid.

Documenting and collecting information to ensure that there are no outstanding RFI’s, potential issues, as well as ensuring that the job site is clean and safe for those who work there is a priority on all our projects to secure successful completion on schedule and within budget. The 360°software is the tool we need to reach all stakeholders on a project who would benefit from seeing the progress, regardless of their geographical location.