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Construction Management

We encourage clients to take advantage of our expertise by engaging Vestacon for Construction Management services whenever possible, as early as possible. It is when we are brought on board early that we can have the greatest influence on the success of a project. 

We stress the importance of collaboration because it promotes open communication and involvement by establishing a partnership between the client, design team, and construction manager. Vestacon can be of assistance and join the project delivery team as early as the site selection stage where we can make recommendations based on the client’s initial scope or budget expectations. In the design development phase, we study the scope of work and schematic or concept drawings to assess constructability in relation to preliminary budget and schedule milestones. Appropriate contractors are consulted for the expertise and current trends in the market. We present our findings to the Client and Consultants including value engineering strategies well-suited to the design intent for items discussed as a team and pricing variations to display all options available to maintain budget and schedule. In this way, the preliminary budget resembles a shopping list displaying all available options. The most suitable options based on cost and lead times are selected to move forward to tender.