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VestaCare, our Customer Care department, works with businesses and landlords who require small scale construction, repair, or maintenance work. Clients benefit from the expertise and high-quality results expected of a reputable Construction Manager with the convenience of a traditional Handy Man. This division of Vestacon is run from Toronto, with both a dedicated experienced Project Manager and Site Supervisor, and with the support of our Principals and Project Managers. VestaCare offers a 24-hour turnaround response time on all requests received by this department. Thanks to Vestacon’s buying power and vast supplier network, we’re able to meet the needs of our VestaCare clients quickly and cost-effectively. From minor repairs, painting and carpet installation to partition demolition and/or construction, HVAC and electrical work, we can also help with demolition or construction work that may require drawings and a permit. VestaCare is your “one-stop-shop”. 

VestaCare’s range of services includes:

  • Architectural: minor drywall partition demo and construction, painting, flooring replacement, hardware, millwork repair, signage/branding installation, ceiling tile replacement, in-wall blocking support for display (TV), art, or marker board installations, window covering and film, washroom accessories, and fixtures.
  • Electrical: lighting, switches, outlets and furniture connections, electrical outlets, furniture & appliance connections, electric strikes, communications cabling, and sound masking.  
  • Mechanical: plumbing fixtures, A/C units, and heat pumps, exhaust fans, VAV boxes, minor thermostat, and sprinkler head work.
  • 5 Year Warranty: VestaCare also handles the upkeep of any items covered by our five-year warranty which is a standard offering for all our construction management clients.

For more information about our customer care department and how we can help contact or contact us